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Friday, March 6, 2015

Myth: Baby wipes are a gentile, cleansing way to remove makeup from your face – If it is gentle enough for a baby’s skin it is gentle enough for your face…

Baby Wipes

Let me start by informing you that not all wipes are created equal…! Baby wipes are literally meant to be used on a baby’s genitals and anus, which has been sitting in a dirty, poopy diaper. This is not a product you should ever be using on your face, ever!

However “gentle” these products and wipes claim to be is irrelevant; most of you are probably unaware of some of the contents and harsh chemicals in baby wipes – detergents, fragrance and preservatives (just to name a few). The chemicals in these wipes can cause rashes and scratch your sensitive face skin (as its texture is similar to that of a dryer sheet), and breaks down the natural collagen in your skin, which promotes rapid loss in your skins elasticity and leads to premature wrinkles.

Baby wipes may be perfectly good for their initial intended use (lest we forget they are intended to be used on a dirty bottom), but this new, cheap “trend” of using them on your face is a BIG no, no.

Inevitably, using any wipes of your face can pull, stretch and stress your skin; however, if you insist upon using cosmetic wipes on your face, may I suggest healthier alternatives to baby/butt wipes such as those made by MAC Cosmetics, Garnier Nutri-Pure Cleansing Towelettes or Comodynes Convenient Cosmetics Make-Up Remover (the latter can be found at Trader Joe’s

MAC Makeup WipesGarnier Nurti-PureComodynes Convenient Cosmetics

Bottom line:

Baby wipes are meant for your bottom, not your face.



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