One Fashion trend that MUST be stopped

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Lydia Hearst

We’ve all worn them at one time or another, some of you may still be wearing them today – It’s time to STOP. Not only are these pseudo-shoes unattractive by any standards and cause hammertoe. Still thinking about wearing flip flops? Here’s a list:

Clumsy – Wearing these shoes forces you to take smaller steps. This puts you more at risk to fumble and fall.

Blisters – Caused by excessive rubbing of the rubber/latex strap between your toes and across your foot. And when those blisters inevitably pop, you’re left with an open wound that makes you vulnerable to the pathogens you pick up every time you leave your foot exposed.

Hammertoe – I already mentioned this to you. Hammertoe is a type of damage that occurs when your toes are forced to grip extra hard (like while wearing and walking in flip-flops) to keep the shoes on you feet. This extensive and repeated gripping can cause stiffness, pain and you might wind up needing surgery.

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